Some days timing is everything

Always try and have your camera with you. I make a habit of keeping one of my 35mm film cameras with me in the car at all times. On this particular day I got lucky. I vintage beat up dodge

pulled into the parking lot a few spots away from were my own car was parked. I jumped out of my car and took three shots using  Tmax 400 pushed one stop.


Film is back

The title of this section of my blog speaks for itself. Film is back in my photographic life.

I have spent a lot of my time over the past 12 years using a digital camera trying to emulate

the look of film. Especially when it came to black and white. I longed for that edgy grainy Tri-x

look. I used many computer based tools and came close but was never really able to achieve the look I wanted.

Then one day when cleaning out a storage room I came across my old 35 mm Nikon. Only then

did it hit me. Why was I trying so hard to achieve the film look when all I really needed to do was to shoot film. So after close to 15 years I bought a roll of Tri-x. Its been 8 months now and I haven't looked back. The results have been all I had hoped for and so much more.


Film is back

Park here (1 of 1).jpg

The street and film

The perfect fit


Often reflection make for an interesting photograph. Remember to provide a frame of

reference for you reflection and composition. 

Coco Palms

Coco palms resort in kauai. This photo was taken from the outer edge of the old Coco palms

resort in Kauai. You can see how Elvis and many other celebrities fell in love with this iconic

hotel. Although it now lays in ruins, destroyed in the 1992 storm that hit Kauai it still seems to be place full of magic and framed by the beautiful landscape that is Kauai.