Film is back

The title of this section of my blog speaks for itself. Film is back in my photographic life.

I have spent a lot of my time over the past 12 years using a digital camera trying to emulate

the look of film. Especially when it came to black and white. I longed for that edgy grainy Tri-x

look. I used many computer based tools and came close but was never really able to achieve the look I wanted.

Then one day when cleaning out a storage room I came across my old 35 mm Nikon. Only then

did it hit me. Why was I trying so hard to achieve the film look when all I really needed to do was to shoot film. So after close to 15 years I bought a roll of Tri-x. Its been 8 months now and I haven't looked back. The results have been all I had hoped for and so much more.


Film is back

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The street and film

The perfect fit